TikTok for Contractors: Leveraging Short Video Platforms for Maximum Exposure

The United States has the largest TikTok audience in the world at over 135 million. On average, these users are about 24 years old. The top seven earners on the platform are 25 years old or younger.

It’s hard to deny the potency and reach of this entertainment platform, especially for advertising purposes. As a contractor, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to influence this important consumer demographic.

Here’s why you should try out TikTok digital marketing for contractors and how to get started.

Benefits of TikTok for Contractors

One of the ways TikTok is unique among all other social media platforms is its dedication to the video format. While others like Facebook and Instagram have adopted video stories, they don’t do it quite like TikTok has.

As such, it brings all kinds of unique benefits that you don’t really see anywhere else.

Easy to Consume

First of all, TikTok content is very easy to consume. Most videos on it are under a minute long, though newer updates allow for even lengthier content.

Due to their generally short nature, someone using the app can view a wide range of clips from all their favorite content creators. People will often let videos play out of curiosity, as it’s rarely a significant time-sink. If something isn’t entertaining, then they don’t give anything up to watch it.

Utilizing Short-Form Video Trends

One reason to use TikTok is because of the algorithm. If someone watches a video about a popular TV show, then the algorithm is more likely to suggest and show more clips from that show. The same applies to other content, such as memes and short-form video trends.

What this means is that if your page creates content using a shared sound or filter, then people are more likely to see it. You can hop on these trends to gain more traction and attention. If viewers stick around long enough on your videos, then your other content has a better chance to get recommended to them.

Targeted Ads

As with most other social media platforms, you can generate targeted ads to seek out a specific audience. If someone googles dental clinics near them, then the app will suggest dentist-related videos. Anyone interested in hiring a contractor will see videos made by contractors.

Quick to Produce

TikToks can be very easy to produce if you know what you’re doing. Due to the shorter nature of its videos, you don’t have to worry as much about generating longer shots. It’s more common to see quick cuts and even video effects that can create more interesting visuals.

It’s especially useful for contractors who work with physical objects. Create a quick DIY tutorial for simple projects. You could also talk about why you should rely on professionals and show clips of home repairs gone wrong.

Types of Programmatic Advertising to Consider

If you want to embrace TikTok for marketing, then it helps to set up programmatic advertising. This involves using automated technology and tools to buy media space.

Four of the main types include real-time bidding, private marketplace, preferred deals, and programmatic guaranteed.

Real-Time Bidding (RTB)

This kind of bidding model enables the buying and selling of ads through an auction. When a user loads a webpage, the highest bidder for the ad slot wins the auction. It all happens instantaneously and provides a better fill rate.

Private Marketplace (PMP)

PMP is a more private form of auction than with RTB. As such, it’s much more competitive but provides more control over who publishers work with.

Preferred Deals

With a preferred deal, a publisher puts aside ad slots for a specific advertiser. Since ads on TikTok go out to users based on the algorithm, you always have some kind of designated ad spot.

Programmatic Guaranteed

Programmatic guaranteed allows advertisers and publishers to work out a deal with fixed pricing and better audience targeting. This allows publishers to fill inventory at the highest rates possible.

How to Use Video as an Ad Format

Using video as an ad format means reaching consumers who don’t read as much or would rather consume information in a more interesting way. It also allows you to make something that can be posted on a wide variety of social websites and apps.

As a contractor, your overall goal with TikTok should be to present a friendly and reliable face. People connect much more with other people rather than a company logo.

Showcase parts of your work to prove your competence in your field. If you’re a woodworker, show off your pieces or even provide a quick video of you making something. Those who provide home improvement services may want to give a tour of some homes they’ve worked on in the past.

Best SEO Practices

Even though your content will go out in a video format, you can’t forget about SEO. Search Engine Optimization relies on specific keywords that your target consumer will look up. It’s important to match the kind of words and phrases they may use.

Determine what a customer actually searches for rather than what you want them to type in.

A good example is with solar contractors. People who are interested in solar may search for something like “affordable solar panels” or “reliable solar companies.”

However, you’ll have to think outside of the box if you want to get new leads. Instead, look for potential customers and clients who search for “ways to save energy” or “cutting costs during the summer.”

Mastering TikTok for Contractors

If your business has any interest in TikTok or video content, then you can’t go wrong with using the platform for your own gain. It allows for a lot of creativity as well as fun jumping on the most recent trends. You’re also guaranteed to reach your intended audience.

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