7 Advantages of Pay Per Click Advertising for Contractors

advantages of pay per click advertising

Did you know that around 33% of businesses use paid advertising to grow their companies and increase brand awareness? Advertising has evolved in recent years. Digital methods are becoming more effective than traditional print advertising.

If you are looking for a cost-effective form of advertising that will not tank your marketing budget, you might want to explore pay-per-click advertising. There are numerous advantages of pay-per-click advertising in addition to being more budget-friendly than other techniques.

This guide will discuss the top seven PPC benefits that residential and commercial contractors can experience once you implement them into your digital marketing strategy. We will also discuss with whom you can partner to grow your commercial contracting company.

1. Get Fast Results

One of the best things about pay-per-click (PPC) benefits is that you get immediate results. While other digital marketing strategies, like search engine optimization (SEO), are effective, they take a while to build momentum. You will see results within minutes after you launch a PPC campaign.

Around 63% of all customer shopping journeys start online whether they are looking for a product or a service. An estimated 2.1 billion people make online purchases. That is a huge audience for your contracting business.

You want your contracting business’s website to appear at the top of the search engine results pages. With PPC advertising, your website will be the first thing potential customers see when they search for your contracting business.

Additionally, you can target people who are outside of your social media accounts and email subscriber lists. PPC advertising enables contractors to cast a large net to find new customers. You can get your ads up and running in no time with minimal effort.

paid ad results
Example of a Paid Ad on a Google Search

2. Control Your Advertising Budget

With other types of advertising, like billboards or TV spots, you pay a flat rate for it. The fee stays the same no matter how many people see or interact with it.

You pay per click with PPC advertising. Payment will only occur when a user interacts with your ad. You do not have to pay anything if they just see your ad but choose to scroll past it.

Also, you will not go over the budget you allocate for your advertising campaign. When you create a PPC ad, you will set how much you want to spend in total. Contractors can run the ad for a few days or keep it going for a few months.

paid ad budget
Example of a Daily Budget for a Pay Per Click Ad

3. Track Your Results

PPC advertising is run through Google Ads. The platform gives your commercial or residential contracting business multiple tools so you can track and measure your results.

Some of the tools you should utilize in the Google Ads platform include:

  • Audience observation
  • Ad variations
  • Responsive search ads
  • Explanations feature
  • Discovery campaigns

You should pair these tools with Google Analytics. Your company will be able to view various performance details, such as:

  • Conversions
  • Clicks
  • Impressions

The available stats will illustrate how your ad campaigns are performing. You can also make tweaks and adjustments to ads that are underperforming to give them a boost.

paid ad results
Example of Google Ad Results

4. Works Well with Other Initiatives

PPC advertising is a great way to drive traffic to other content commercial and residential contractors create. SEO and PPC perform well together. The audience you target for both campaigns is typically the same people.

Contractors can use the information they gather from PPC advertising analytics to better inform their SEO strategies. The reports will provide you with great direction and insight when it comes to what keywords their target audience is seeking.

paid ads and seo
Example of a Paid Ad and Organic Search on a Google Search

5. Target Your Ideal Audience

Focus your contracting company’s PPC campaigns on specific audience demographics when creating your advertisements. You can achieve this by conducting keyword research.

During this process, you will figure out what keywords your potential customers type into the search bar when looking for information about your:

  • Services
  • Products
  • Industry

You will bid on these specific keywords so your ad gets in front of your ideal customer. There are other ways you can narrow whom your ad reaches. Target your PPC ads based on:

  • Past online activity
  • Interests
  • Demographics
  • Time of day

You can also implement Google remarketing. Customers who previously visited your website but who did not make a purchase will see your new PPC ads.

paid ad targeting
Example of Audience Targeting

6. Reach Global or Local Audiences

PPC campaigns can benefit not only your online presence but your physical location as well. For example, if you run a locally owned contracting company, your primary customer base might be locals who are familiar with you. You can target new residents with PPC campaigns.

Geolocations allow you to better target people looking for contracting companies in your area. You can include contact information and directions (if you have a physical location) in your advertisements. This type of information makes it easier for them to find your contracting company.

paid ad location targeting
Example of Google’s Location Targeting

7. Increase Traffic to Your Website

You will increase the chances of your website getting seen by potential customers when it is the first thing that appears on the search engine results pages. Interested users will click on your ads, getting sent to webpages, blogs, or landing pages that you have created to get them to convert.

You can increase traffic to your website even if you are not organically ranking high on the search engine results pages. Whether you have recently launched a new website or are trying to grow your customer base, you can effectively promote your contracting company with PPC.

website traffic
Example of Website Traffic

Explore the Advantages of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Implementing various digital marketing techniques is key to growing a business. There are many innovative advertising methods you can employ that will keep your costs low and results high. Experience the advantages of pay-per-click advertising yourself by incorporating it into your digital marketing campaigns.

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