Start the New Year Off Right with These 2023 Marketing Trends

Does it feel like you've tried every marketing strategy for your contracting business? Well, 2023 marketing trends might bring some new opportunities.

With the marketing industry growing around 16% a year, you will need to keep up to date with new strategies to get ahead of your competitors.

Start with our guide to the 2023 marketing trends you need to know. Which one will get added to your marketing priority list? Read on as we share our top marketing tips. 

Video Marketing

If you want to get ahead in 2023, there is one content trend you can't ignore: video marketing. How you use video is up to you, but you must publish video content (short-form or long) if you want your audience to pay attention to your brand.

There are many social platforms that use videos to market to audiences. TikTok and YouTube are video-only platforms, while Instagram and Facebook have reels as an option for video posting. These platforms allow the user to have maximum impact on marketing their business.

2023 marketing trends


Advances in AI technology mean that you can do a lot more in 2023 when it comes to personalized marketing strategies. 

Personalization is about sending different marketing messages to different segments of your audience.

You might want to segment by something straightforward, like location.

Or you could segment based on how far along the sales funnel they are (for example, sending personalized promotions only to those who recently visited your service sales page).

Personalization is a way of getting more sales conversions from the same audience size by sending more relevant offers and content based on their interests.

It's cost-effective to do this as you will boost your revenue without paying to get more traffic or leads. 

One of the most exciting trends emerging is using AI to predict what people will buy when they are on your website. You can use this to show special offers or use a featured promotional area on your website to highlight that service.

2023 marketing trends

Voice Search

A few years ago, you probably would not know what the names Siri and Alexa meant. But voice technology is changing fast. It is more common now to ask Siri about today's weather forecast than to open up a weather app on your phone. 

That is an example of a voice search in action, and it is one of the best types of marketing for contractors. Your home technology will run the query on Google and relay an answer to you, in contrast to getting a list of page results. 

So, from a marketing perspective, it means taking a slightly different approach with your content and Search Engine Optimization, SEO. You will need to optimize your writing to provide small snippets of information that Google can scan and turn into a voice result. 

The best way to do this is to provide question-focused headings with easy, readable, and short answers, such as how long a project takes to complete or the average costs. Think of it as a similar format to an FAQ page. 

2023 marketing trends

Automated, AI-Powered Ads 

PPC, Pay-per-click, advertising is not new and has been big business for many years! But in that time, the leading advertising platforms have made leaps and bounds in the technology they use to get your ad in front of the right audience. 

One of the benefits of marketing using ads is that you can now use AI to automate your campaign.

Not long ago, if your ad underperformed, you would need to do many manual tweaks to the settings and audience targeting to try and get that ad in front of a more receptive audience. 

But now, AI will do that for you. AI will learn how your ad performs and change the targeting over time. This helps you get more results from your ad spend.

Machine learning will help to find the people most likely to click on your ad. It will then convert once they are on your website. 

The takeaway from this is simple. If you have not given PPC advertising a go before, 2023 is a great time to start. 

2023 marketing trends

Conversational Marketing 

Have you browsed a service online but then gone into a physical store to finalize the deal?

Many of us do that because we feel more comfortable and secure when conversing with real people instead of facing a buy button on the screen. 

But what if you could use technology to replicate part of that experience online? That is something tech gurus have asked when coming up with buying and marketing tools to support online businesses. 

These tools might be features you have already spotted on some websites, like a live chat facility in the bottom right of the screen. Or perhaps you've conversed with a chatbot via Facebook messenger.

That is all part of the trend known as conversational marketing. You will start to see this term more frequently in 2023.

It works because the dialog is a far more natural form of communication and helps customers learn about your service. It also develops an affinity for your brand without constantly pushing content to that person. 

2023 marketing trends

User-Generated Content

Creating content takes time! But have you been noticing that the average user on social media is starting to publish their own content? It might be a semi-professional photograph, a meme, or a fun graphic.

You can use this to shape your marketing strategy, which is a significant trend to follow for 2023. 

Here's how to do it.

Run a competition to your social media following and invite people to submit content as part of the entry requirements. Make sure you have a tempting prize on offer.

When you receive the entries, post these on your account. You can make this fun by adding comments or opinions about the entries. You can also choose a trending hashtag so that people can follow your campaign. 

2023 marketing trends

2023 Marketing Trends

You might be using some successful strategies in your contracting business right now.

But always keep one eye on what is happening in the industry to stay ahead of your competitors and track these 2023 marketing trends when you start writing your next marketing campaign. 

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