AltaVista’s Aaron Hockel Shares How Marketing Is Done Right

At AltaVista, we grow companies. Working nationwide, we support over 300 clients in executing successful marketing campaigns. Earlier this month, our very own Aaron Hockel met with Dave Sullivan of The Roofer Show. Aaron Hockel shared his insight on the podcast, highlighting key aspects of a successful marketing campaign, and how AltaVista is currently using these aspects to help roofers grow their business.

Listen to the full podcast here!

Ride The Wave

Something that you never want to do even when your business is slow or you see an economic downturn is cut your marketing budget. While reducing your marketing budget may be your gut reaction, Aaron explains that many contractors who saw an increase in revenue and thrived through this pandemic are those who stuck with their marketing budgets to remain top of mind in their industry. 

2020 was the perfect example of an economic shake-up where normally people get concerned and cut their marketing off, but those who trusted the return that marketing provides saw a rising tide of customers making investments into their homes. Aaron says, “Don’t think of marketing as the first thing to cut. Look at it as a way to sustain your business through an economic downturn so you don’t get hit as hard.”

Own The Neighborhoods You’re Working In

Left and right, homeowners see work trucks in their neighborhoods. Dave Sullivan shares that in his neighborhood, over 5 homes had their roofs replaced. This work was done by 5 different companies – that’s crazy! So how do you become the top contractor that comes to mind when customers are interested in completing a project? Outside of general company branding like wrapped trucks and project signs, what can you do? Aaron shares the following tips.

  • Drop door hangers or mailbox flyers to everyone in the neighborhood 
  • Run ads on Facebook and Instagram in the surrounding locations showcasing your work in the area
  • Ask past and current customers for reviews and referrals 

“Every job costs money”, Aaron shares. For every lead there is a cost associated, so how can you leverage it? How do we ensure that each consecutive lead is cheaper than the last and even easier to obtain? That is exactly what you are doing by putting marketing efforts into the neighborhoods you have worked. 

Building A Strong Foundation

When you don’t have an unlimited marketing budget but want to drive successful leads, what is the main thing you can do? Aaron explains that reviews are paramount. Similar to a sales process, Aaron states that you should have a review process.

“The key here is persistence, every morning, start off by emailing or texting the customers with who you finished jobs with or picked up checks from the day prior, and don’t be afraid to ask multiple times. There will be those people who will go and leave a review regardless if they are prompted or not but providing customers with a direct link to leave a review gives them an easy and direct way to recommend you to future potential customers.”

Creating a review process will allow you to let your clients know upfront to expect a review ask from you. When you set the stage and let a customer know that you will be asking for a review before completing the job it not only will allow you to ask for that review once you complete it, but it will make them much more willing to leave a positive review.

For the full show and more tips from our own Aaron Hockel on making your marketing work for you, listen here!

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