Database Marketing: What is it and How Can it Help Your Business Grow?

If you own or manage a business, you understand the importance of growth. However, growing your business can be challenging. You may offer valuable services and produce exemplary work, but if you can’t get in front of the right people, how will they know?

Through database marketing, we can get you in front of the right people and market your services to the people you want to do business with. Opportunity is everywhere, and we can help you find it.

What is Database Marketing?

The internal data team at AltaVista taps into a wide range of resources to design a database of contacts specific to your business. We research commercial property data and analytics and collect important information on key decision-makers. Then, we use this information to build a database around your target market.

At AltaVista, we work on exclusivity; one client, one region, one industry. For example, in Boston, we work with one roofing company, one landscape company, etc. We view ourselves as an extension of our clients, and through exclusivity, we can direct all of our resources to your company and your company only.

How is This Data Put to Use?

Once the database of contacts is built, we execute branded marketing campaigns. We put you in front of these potential customers by sending them email campaigns highlighting your company’s services and specialties. These campaigns attract and convert potential customers into viable leads.

Why Choose AltaVista?

By consistently hitting the inboxes of relevant property and facility managers, they will start to recognize your brand. They may search your social media, your website, and more to see what the internet has to say about you. Through our digital services, we can ensure that your brand remains consistent across the board, creating a professional and inviting tone wherever you look.

We have also built and maintained the largest proprietary database of property and facility managers throughout the United States. We truly understand how to find the right people, how to best reach them, and what to say, and at the end of the day, that’s what puts our customers in front of the right people. We get our clients to the door with a qualified lead, and then it’s their job to kick the door down.

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