Value of Monitoring Website Analytics

September 28, 2020 – By Erin Gilday

Tracking Website Traffic to Improve Business

Currently, there are approximately 1.9 billion websites worldwide. With numerous strong competitors across all industries, it’s important to understand how your website stands out against the rest. In order to determine the impact your website has on business; you must consider the following:

      • How many people are visiting your website?
      • How did they end up there?
      • Which pages are driving the most traffic?

If you do not properly monitor your web traffic, how do you expect to improve it?

Your Website Matters

Studies show that the time spent on a company’s website before filling out a form or making a purchase is continuing to increase. In 2011, the average consumer visited a website 2.5 times before converting. Since then, the number of visits has increased drastically, indicating an average of 9.5 visits before converting.

Since the consumer will most likely spend a lot of time on your website before making a decision, your website must be appealing and user friendly. If a potential customer has trouble navigating your site, odds are they will look elsewhere. If you monitor your website traffic, you can determine what sections of your site are keeping a consumer’s attention and which ones may need work. Don’t lose potential customers because you simply aren’t paying attention to their needs.

What Should You Be Tracking?

Determine when your site is the busiest. Google Analytics allows you to review your traffic by day of the week and time of day to get a closer view of your visitor count during busy hours. This will help you to determine when to share new content or when to ramp up your campaigns and get the most views.

Tracking conversion rates is key. By doing so, you can determine which ads, keywords, and services are performing well. Once you know this, you can begin to allocate a bigger budget on marketing those services and prevent spending too much on a service or keyword that isn’t resulting in business. Knowing which keywords are performing well will also lend a hand in your SEO. You can begin incorporating the top keywords into blogs and social posts.

Getting the Right People to Your Website

Targeting, and then retaining, the right audience is crucial. Luckily, AltaVista can help. Our email marketing efforts are a great way to draw traffic to your website. We have cultivated a vast, detailed database of potential clients which we use to create a unique audience, tailored to your company. This process ensures your company is being put in front of the right people.

Getting to know your visitors allows you to alter your site to fit their needs. Discover the benefits of monitoring the following aspects of your website:

Top Landing Pages: Monitoring website analytics allows you to determine which landing pages are the most successful.

Traffic by Channel: Discover what channels or medium is driving your website traffic. Analytics allows specific tracking of visitors via display, e-mail, organic, paid search, referral, social, direct, and more.

Device Breakdown: You can see what percentage of people are viewing your site on either a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. If the majority of your visitors are accessing your site on a mobile device, you may want to focus on making your site more mobile-friendly.

As mentioned earlier, a consumer will visit your website several times before converting, so it is important to re-engage with visitors who have left your site. Through display retargeting, these potential customers will be served with ads for your company after they have left your site. Google owns over 90% of the Google Display Network, allowing us to serve your ads to customers when they visit ESPN, the Weather Channel, NY Times, and many more. This will keep your company fresh in their mind.

Monitor Website Traffic, Improve Business

Ignoring website traffic can significantly hurt your business. You could be wasting money marketing services that aren’t leading to conversions. This money may be better spent revamping the services that have more potential. You may also be missing out targeting potential new customers and keeping them interested long enough to convert.

Turn your website visitors into long-term customers with help from AltaVista Strategic Partners. Contact us today to learn more about our digital marketing services.

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