Google Posts allow businesses to share relevant information in search results

June 28, 2017 - By Aaron Hockel

What Are Google Posts

A feature that has been in testing for over 6 months, Google Posts offer businesses and brands the opportunity to create content directly on Google through their Google My Business account. Rolled out globally to all Google My Business users last week, the posts will appear in results for specific searches. The idea of the posts is to enable businesses to share more information with users searching for them specifically. Here's an example of how they show up in search results:     Google Posts in mobile search results  

Accessing Google Posts

Announced in early June, Google Posts are accessed right through the Google My Business page. After signing into Google My Business, the create post option (pictured below) will appear just below your basic business information. Creating a post is very easy, it just requires choosing a post type, uploading a photo, creating a title, adding details, and selecting a call to action. While the details section can include up to 1,500 characters, about 750 words, Google recommends using 150 to 300.     Google Posts - Create Post  

Using Google Posts

Google Posts are designed to convey additional information to users already searching for your business on Google. The four recommended categories for posts include:
  • Events
  • Offers/Specials
  • Product Updates
  • Announcements
Examples offered in Google My Business Help Center include a pizzeria promoting a kids night special, a tax clinic hosting a free seminar, and a music venue announcing the release of 100 extra tickets to an upcoming show. Each example conveys relevant information to users with a certain degree of time sensitivity.

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