Weekly Digital Marketing Roundup

May 14, 2017 – By Aaron Hockel

Here are the biggest announcements, product updates, and news stories impacting the digital marketing industry last week:

Google Launches Events Search Feature

Making plans? Google can help. The search engine giant just announced a new events search feature for app and mobile searches. Searches like “Jazz concerts in Austin” on mobile devices will yield results for upcoming Jazz concerts at the top of the search results. The update was rolled out in the US last Wednesday. Here’s great GIF that shows how the feature works:
Google Events Gif

Facebook Simplifies Ad Creation Process

It’s now easier to build canvas ads on Facebook. According to AdWeek, entering a destination URL for Facebook ads now pulls all the associated images and their URLs from the landing page. This is a helpful feature that should speed up the canvas ad creation processs on Facebook. Here’s a screen grab of how the function works:
Facebook Canvas Ads

Google Removes Enhanced CPC Bid Cap

PPC advertisers will want to pay attention to this piece of news. Google announced this week, via a notification in AdWords, that it will be removing the bid cap for enhanced CPC bidding. Previously, Google would increase bids by 30% over the max CPC to compete for clicks that were highly likely to convert. Now, the bid cap has been removed. Google’s primary reason for removing the cap was to help account for differences in conversion rates across various dimensions such as audience and location. This change will be rolled out globally in June. Click here to read more on this story on Search Engine Land.

Bing Announces Ending Date for Standard Text Ads

Bing announced it will stop allowing the creation of standard text ads effective July 31, 2017. Standard text ads will continue to run, but cannot be edited after the deadline. This landing page URLs. Bing has already developed a conversion tool to turn standard text ads into expanded text ads inside the Ads Editor and users have the option to import their expanded text ads from Google AdWords. For the official announcement from Bing Ads, click here.

Snapchat Copies Instagram’s Boomerang Feature

In somewhat of a role reversal, Snapchat debuted a copy of Instagram’s boomerang feature last week. While the concept is the same, there a few distinct features. Namely, that looping stories on Snapchat can be up to 10 seconds long and will stay on screen and repeat until the viewer taps to move past the video. Click here to read the official release from Snap Inc’s blog.

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