Customize ad text and boost click thru rates using the Google AdWords IF function

February 2, 2017 - By Aaron Hockel for AltaVista Strategic Partners

What is the Google AdWords IF function?

In a recent update, Google announced it will be rolling out new IF functions to streamline dynamic changes to ad text. The premise is fairly simple – If a user fits certain criteria, Google will automatically switch the text in the ad they are shown. For instance, different ad headlines can be used if users are searching on desktop or mobile devices. Here is quick example of how an IF function appears in AdWords: Google Adwords IF Function Example  

What can be customized with the Google AdWords IF function?

The new Google AdWords IF function allows advertisers to customize ads to users based on 5 different factors: Device, Time, Gender, Age, and Audience. While four of the five Google AdWords IF functions are straightforward, the audience function does require a quick explanation. From a high level, it allows advertisers to show special ad text to customer lists that have been uploaded to Google. Here is a quick example: Under Armour uploads every customer email from the 2016 holiday shopping season. Throughout all of 2017, users from the list who search for Under Armour on Google are shown a unique ad headline promoting customer loyalty specials.

Can contractors take advantage of the Google AdWords IF function?

The short answer: absolutely. It is proven that increased ad copy relevancy leads to higher click thru rates. Improving ad copy relevancy is exactly what the IF function is designed to do and using it properly will lead to increased click thru rates and better overall performance in your Google AdWords account. Here are two simple examples of how contractors can take advantage of the Google AdWords IF function:
  • A roofing contractor could use the device IF function to tailor ad headlines to mobile searches. “Call Now For A Free Roof Inspection” would be a great headline to dynamically insert on a mobile text ad.
  • Any contractor with a large previous customer base could use the custom audience IF function to show specific ads to past customers or prospects. “10% discount for all repeat customers!” would be an impactful headline to a custom audience of past customers.

How can my contracting business begin using the Google AdWords IF function?

Using the Google AdWords IF function in your text ads requires an intermediate to advanced understanding of Google AdWords. As a quick example, this is how you enter an ad headline using the device IF function: {=IF(device=mobile,Call Now For A Free Roof Inspection):”Free Roofing Estimates”}. While creating one or two IF function ads might not seem challenging, each one has to be created and entered individually on an ad by ad basis. If you account has 50 or 100 different ads, that is 50 or 100 IF functions that need to be manually entered. Google does offer a help tutorial on the topic that covers the basics or you can work with a certified Google Partner agency. Need help setting up IF function ads in your Google AdWords account? The marketing team at AltaVista is a certified Google Partner and offers custom solutions for residential and commercial contractors of all sizes. Schedule a free consultation by filling out the form on this page, emailing us at [email protected], or calling us at 1-800-313-2168.

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