Any epoxy flooring contractor can drive commercial leads using our proven Google AdWords process!

November 30, 2016 – By Aaron Hockel

How can Google AdWords generate commercial epoxy flooring leads?

Did you know there are over 15,000 searches per day on Google for epoxy flooring services in the United States? This piece of knowledge is critically important to understanding the basic reason Google AdWords will drive epoxy flooring leads to your business – people are going there to look for them!

Here is a proven 5 step process that capitalizes on those searches to generate commercial epoxy flooring leads:

STEP ONE: Use a simple landing page that is relevant to your services

The best landing pages are ones that convert traffic into phone calls and leads. In this case, simpler is better. Your landing page only needs to be one page that includes these 7 elements:

  1. A big call to action such as FREE ESTIMATES or CALL NOW!
  2. Highlight the specific services you are offering
  3. Describe the property types you offer services to
  4. Information about your industry expertise and guarantees
  5. A lead form that only asks for name, email, phone number, and a message
  6. Your phone number – make sure this is easy to find!
  7. Pictures of work at the types of properties you want to work with

Click here to see a great landing page that is currently capturing commercial epoxy flooring leads!

This is one of the secrets to a successful Google AdWords campaign. If you give visitors exactly what they are looking for they convert into leads. This landing page set up, combined with the next 4 steps of our Google AdWords process, have produced conversion rates as high as 20% and an average conversion rate of 8.5% – 4 times the internet average!

STEP TWO: Use keywords that describe properties and surfaces you work with

Choosing your keywords is the most important of the Google AdWords process. These keywords will determine what types of searches trigger your ads and make them visible. Choose keywords that are all relevant to your end goal – commercial painting leads. Here are some very relevant and usable examples:

  1. Epoxy floor coatings
  2. Epoxy flooring
  3. Concrete floor coatings
  4. Commercial kitchen floor coating
  5. Warehouse floor coating
  6. Industrial epoxy floor
  7. You get the idea…

STEP THREE: Set geographic limits to only generate leads from your service area

If you only service Baltimore and the surrounding counties, make sure your ads are set up to only be triggered by searches from inside this area. Generating clicks – and leads – from areas you cannot service is a waste of time and money. Setting up your geographies is as simple as typing them into a search bar and seeing how they show up on a map. Here’s a look at how easy it is to define the geographic limits:



STEP FOUR: Begin with a high budget. $100 a month will not cut it!

In a current Google AdWords account managed by AltaVista we pay an average of $5.25 per click on the keywords in the above list. With a budget of $1,250 per month this generates 240 clicks to the specialized landing page. Converting 8.5% of these visitors into leads means 20 commercial epoxy flooring leads each month at cost of just $62.50 per lead.

If that number seems high, remember these are commercial leads for large projects. We have seen this system generate epoxy flooring leads for projects worth over $100,000 off a Google AdWords click that cost $5.25!

Don’t believe us? Click here to contact us and we will gladly send you references!

STEP FIVE: Follow up quickly on every landing page lead

When a visitor takes the time to call your business or submit a lead through your landing page it is because they have an immediate need for your services. Do not miss these calls or let these leads sit!

The phone number on your landing page needs to be answered by a person during normal business hours. Sending calls to a recorded menu or voicemail is going to result in lost leads waste your marketing dollars.

When someone submits a lead through the landing page, try to follow up on it in 17 minutes or less. This seems incredibly fast, but prompt follow up converts leads into appointments – which convert into sales!

Avoid these costly, wasteful mistakes by setting your Google AdWords campaign to only run during business hours Monday to Friday. This ensures someone is available to answer calls and quickly follow up on inbound leads.

How do I launch a Google AdWords campaign for my epoxy flooring business?

There are two options to launch your Google AdWords campaign. Option one is using Google’s self guided tutorials while option two is working with a certified Google Partner, like AltaVista. While paying a Google Partner to set up and run your campaign will increase costs, it also ensures you are working with experts that meet Google’s AdWords performance and knowledge standards.

Need guidance deciding which option is best for your epoxy flooring business? Contact us for a no cost, no obligation consultation by phone at 800-313-2168 or send an email to [email protected]

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