A Facebook Lead Campaign Captures Inquiries For Your Services Directly On Facebook

September 26, 2016 - By Aaron Hockel

Lead Ads are a type of Facebook ad campaign that allow contractors to capture leads for their services directly on Facebook. The secret to how they do this is by creating lead capture forms that function entirely on Facebook. Keep reading to see an example of a Facebook Lead Ad, learn exactly what Facebook lead forms they are, how they work, and three best practices for using them to generate hot leads for your services.   Facebook Lead Ads are a great way for contractors to capture leads for special offers. Facebook Lead Ads are a great way for contractors to capture leads for special offers.[
What Are Facebook Lead Forms?
Facebook lead forms are an extremely useful and easy way to capture inquiries directly on Facebook. The forms are just like the ones on a website that would capture a customers name, email, and phone number. Their primary purpose is to let users claim offers or sign up for events quickly and easily without having to leave Facebook. Here is an example of a sign up lead form:   Example Facebook Lead Forms  
How do Facebook Lead Forms Work?
The lead forms are created directly inside of Facebook's ad manager and are extremely easy to set up. Facebook will guide you through ad and lead form set up, even allowing you to choose your required information fields. After setting up the form, just launch your ad campaign and Facebook will handle the rest. Facebook will send you a notification for every captured lead from your campaign. At any point during the campaign leads can be downloaded directly to an excel file.
Ready To Use Facebook Lead Forms?
Use these three best practices to get the most out of your Facebook Lead Ads campaign:
  1. Try using three or fewer form fields. Users are more likely to complete the form if they can do so quickly and easily. Our recommendation is to require name, email, and phone number.
  3. Make the offer clear and compelling. Try to avoid industry jargon and use eye catching dollar amounts when possible. If a roof replacement costs $10,000 try to offer "$1,000 off a new roof" instead of "10% off a new roof". Customers might not know how much a roof replacement costs, but they know $1,000 is a great discount.
  5. If a customer has taken the time to complete your form they should be considered a hot lead. When possible follow up on leads the same day during normal business hours. If you get leads outside of normal business hours, follow up on the next business day.
Facebook lead forms are a proven way to drive new leads to contracting businesses. They can be highly targeted and eliminate the challenges of converting visitors on your website, allowing conversions to take place directly on Facebook instead. If you are looking to improve the results of your Facebook ads, be sure to use a Facebook lead form on your next campaign. Need help setting up a Facebook Ad campaign and lead form to drive new opportunities to your contracting business? The marketing team at AltaVista offers a full range of custom solutions catering to residential and commercial contractors of all sizes. Schedule a free consultation by filling out the form on this page, emailing us at [email protected], or calling us at 1-800-313-2168.


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