10 Tips for responding to negative online reviews

September 12, 2016 – By Aaron Hockel

Unfortunately, even the best contracting companies will eventually confront a negative online review about their services. Due to the proliferation of review sites, the high amount of traffic they receive, and the anonymity they afford reviewers, the occasional negative review has become virtually unavoidable.

Thankfully, most of the top review sites allow business owners to reply, both publicly and privately, to reviews. The next time your contracting business is confronted with a negative review, follow these 8 tips to craft a great follow up response:

1. Wait at least 24 hours to write any type of public or private reply on a negative review
2. Look into the specifics of the review to determine their validity
3. Leave a public comment on the review that other people can read
4. Send a private message to the reviewer (in addition to the public comment)
5. Keep your public comment short and to the point
6. Include a contact name, phone, and email address and ask the reviewer to contact you
7. Do not try to argue specific items in the review
8. Thank the reviewer for taking the time to leave feedback on your business
9. Do not ask them to take down the review in exchange for any type of refund
10. Whether the commenter is right or wrong, be sure to apologize for their negative experience

The next time your business finds itself dealing with a negative online review, consider these 10 tips for how to best follow up in a professional and calm manner.

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