Your headline on LinkedIn is one of the most highly visible portions of your profile. In fact, just like your shadow, it follows you everywhere you go. This is why it is the second most critical part of building a great LinkedIn profile (your picture is first). Virtually everyone you engage with will see your LinkedIn profile headline.

1. Did you know that if someone pauses their pointer over your name on LinkedIn it will cause a pop up box to appear displaying your name, picture, and the start of your headline?

aaron hockel pop up LI box Example of the information box that pops up on LinkedIn when a user positions their pointer over your name[


2. Are you aware that your headline will be highly visible and displayed anytime you appear in a keyword search or list of employees at your current company?

LI Search Photo Your headline will appear and be the most prominently displayed information after your picture and name when you appear in a LinkedIn search[


3. Have you noticed when you like, comment, or share content someone has posted, your headline will be one of the only pieces of information about you that arrives in their inbox?

email inbox for LI headline blog 2 Examples of how your headline appears along with your name and picture in someone’s inbox when you like, comment, or share their content[


4. When you view someone’s profile, they can see that you have been looking and your headline will show up. What do you want that 2 seconds to say about you?

profile views After you have visited someone’s profile, your title is the only piece of information about you that shows up in their “who’s viewed my profile” list[

The above are just four examples of the many places on LinkedIn where your headline follows you, but they all help illustrate why it is such a critical part of any successful LinkedIn strategy. Virtually everyone you interact with on LinkedIn will see your name, face, and headline. A creative and powerful headline will increase the likelihood of people engaging with you on LinkedIn.

This begs the question, what makes a great LinkedIn headline? Here are some tips for writing a powerful LinkedIn headline:

  • Your headline is not your human resources title.
  • Make sure it is clear what you offer and who you help.
  • Describe the service or product you offer to your prospects.
  • Explain how you will help your target customer.
  • Try to keep it short. Longer headlines will not always fully show up.
  • Make sure there are no spelling errors.

Consider the following two options for a LinkedIn headline:

Project Manager at ABC Roofing Inc. OR Providing top of the line solutions to roofing problems.

Both headlines give a clear picture of what this individual offers, but the second option describes how this individual will create value and solve problems for his target customers. Coming up with a great LinkedIn headline is not an easy exercise, but once you do, it will help you more effectively communicate what you offer and how you will solve problems for your target customers. The best part is that once you come up with a great headline, it will follow you everywhere you go on LinkedIn.

This post is the first part of our LinkedIn Profile Tips series. These posts cover various aspects of the LinkedIn profile and provide a wide array of tips and strategies designed to help individuals build a great profile.

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