A common goal of business oriented websites is to have visitors complete a call to action that results in a measurable, tangible, outcome. This could mean purchasing an item, signing up for a newsletter or promotion, or requesting follow up contact. All of these actions require visitors to fill out an inbound form of some variety.

Having an easy to use inbound lead form is a key factor in converting website visitors into customers, newsletter signups, or any other measurable outcome. Consider these 7 ideas when structuring your inbound forms:

  1. Eliminate drop down boxes. Especially if they are a required field.
  2. Reduce the number of required fields to the absolute minimum. Statistics show that forms with 3 or fewer required fields have a conversion rate that is 10% higher than forms with 6 or more required fields.
  3. A contact us page and an inbound form are two separate tools. Put your inbound form on pages where you hope to make conversions.
  4. Place the form above the fold, so that it is clearly displayed and visible to visitors without them having to scroll down on the page.
  5. The call to action on or around the form matters. “Go” and “Click Here” are traditionally two of the best calls to action for improving conversion rates.
  6. Only ask for phone numbers if they are absolutely critical. Statistics show that requiring a phone number can reduce conversion rates by as much as 5%.
  7. If avoidable, do not use a CAPTCHA (a field requiring a user to put in a unique combination of numbers/letters to prove they are not a robot).

Overall, a successful inbound form will be clearly visible on the appropriate website pages, have a great call to action, and be quick and easy to fill out. Developing an inbound form that is easy to find and can be filled out quickly should help improve overall website conversions.

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