Bringing up the topic of hard mail marketing in 2014 typically leads to a response that can be summed up in four words; “hard mail is dead”. But if hard mail were really dead, would Google have sent our business a personalized piece last week? The piece showed our company name in the Google search bar throughout the piece and ended with our company showing up in an ad for the search term “Marketing consultant Glen Burnie”. hard mail 4 How is this working out for Google? According to the BBC, Google reported a 22% increase in year over year revenue for the 2nd quarter and experts attribute the growth to increased sales and demand for advertising on the platform. Obviously most businesses cannot spend what Google spends on marketing, but an effective direct mail campaign can be executed on a small budget. Consider the following:
  1. Identify 50 prospects you want to get in front of over the next year
  1. Send all of them a personalized introduction letter and company brochure
  1. One week after sending the piece, call all recipients and ask if they received the piece
  1. Repeat this process to the prospect list on a quarterly basis making sure to change the content of the hard mail piece
If “hard mail is dead”, this strategy will help us get our brand in front of our core prospects while also standing out against our competitors who have abandoned sending hard mail. Our businesses might not be able to send hard mail like Google, but that does not mean we cannot effectively incorporate hard mail into our marketing strategy and use it to drive opportunities with our target prospects. For more information on how AltaVista Strategic Partners can help you grow your business please fill out the lead form on this page, call us at 410-760-6680, or email us at [email protected].

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